Greetings, I'm Petra

I never made an introduction post. Recently I wondered how inapropriate it’d be to make the post over 4 years after elbowing my way in. Ruled I probably won’t get banned for it so here it is.

Projects I have lined up and did some preparatory work towards completing, but waiting for that space-time pocket in my schedule to smash them:

  • hot iron stamp
  • quilt sewing
  • wood turning a copy of an object for molding

I’d love to

  • learn more arduino and esp
  • use the big CNC
  • weld (only cause it’s real hip)

things I’d like to continue doing at Makerspace

  • bbq meet ups are very enjoyable and I do enjoy preparing for them and then spending that weekend afternoon with the makerspace folk…ah! that’s a keeper.
  • music nights - we had some of these pre-covid, I would enjoy jam sessions, have done some of these in Arch2 when it was empty last year, but now when we don’t have any covid restrictions I would love to hear some music, so many people here can play!
  • some amount of gaming, picked up Satisfactory with Kyle and had a couple of people joining, still many hours to clock there!

Currently I am the long standing General (of) consumables purchasing person, Toilet paper technician in short. I have been trying to pass that on. I keep wondering why that hasn’t been picked up by anyone especialy after I made that fun post last year.

A little longer than that I contributed to Laser cutter maintanance and inductions which I have recently abandoned for feeling 4 years of being a lasercutter technician might have been enough for some time, but I surely enjoyed the work and am happy to help fixing it if it breaks in the future should it be needed…

Also I have been a discourse moderator for about 3 years now…um, can I have shutter access now?

Over the last year and a half I worked in Arch 2, most of my hands were on the battens for lining, floor, cnc enclosure, snug2, windows (also lobbied on the back view onto the eucalyptus trees!), connecting the two arches via snugs and the roof (mind Mark was the proffesional on site!).
I jonined SLMS when I was 22 and spent almost everyday here for three years… to an extent I will be associating my early/mid twenties with this place. I have learned a lot on multiple levels and the brilliant thing is that you just keep learning here.

I definitelly learned some things here that allowed me to start my own business/artist work.
My predespositions were also doing photography (portraits, nature, architecture) for most of my teens and renovating a whole house in the middle of nowhere in south Bohemia with one of my elders. I went on to Czech Technical University of Architecture in Prague studying… Architecture. I lasted two years, then moved on to live my life cowboy style and following my gut on what sort of had been calling me. After some time staying in central Italy and northern Germany on my own I moved to London in 2017 and decided to teach myself playing drums. I have played for years, but only recently I started following a reasonable learning structure and started playing with my friends and occasionally we play in Canopy (nextdoor to Makerspace). I still consider myself a beginner, though I think I’m smashing consistency in rythm.

I made dozens of pairs of drumsticks on SLMSs woodlathe, some I still use. My favourite ones were made from apple wood and walnut, but majority were made out of oak (all that oak flooring scraps you can find on the streets of London is buffling). Another of my early projects were hollowing out a slab of pine (also found on the street near my lock up garage also so-called workshop and drum reheasing space then) to make a single electronic drum, I made the case using 1/2inch router mostly and then the lid with lasercutter, never finished the electronics, but still have those piezzo sensors I was intending to use, they were given to me by a fellow member. I made some bowls, some shelves, tables, one of which was made in 1 hour from scraps found on woodshop floor. Still using it, it’t the biggest and shwankiest table I’ve ever had at home. Did some sewing of a couple of bags and a simple bag-backpack, re sewn and elongated a strap of a bum bag because I was one of those people who ended up with 130% of their pre-lockdown body mass. I’ve learned how to upload a code on an esp and use arduino programme, but havent moved on in some time, except learned writting in html and some css and made a website which I keep maintaining. (Don’t check, the next upkeep is due). Also I’ve been maintaining my bicycles here, done some 3d printing, some soldering… Play DnD with a couple of slms member friends!

Still looking forward going to the space!


Welcome Petra :slight_smile:


Welcome! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Big CNC coming soon!

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Yeah, welcome to the space, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it :slight_smile:


… Not to mention how many times you saved the Space from getting ruined by newbies like me!

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Very inspiring post Petra and thank you for your “introduction”. I just signed up yesterday and I sincerely hope, I’ll send a post like yours in four years time!!! See you at the space!

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