Governance again.....! Vision and Mission statements

The usual approach to organisation definition is top down… Identifying WHERE we want to get to, and HOW we are going to get there. These are called Vision and Mission statements.
At the last meeting @Dermot revealed we already have a Vision statement. it was (correct me if Im wrong)
“To create a makerspace which we own outright”
This is good news, we now know where we are heading, but this statement needs to be easily accessible, so I suggest it is line 1, page 1, under the banner ‘Governance’ where ‘Rules’ currently resides.

Next step is the Mission statement, and, rather than reinventing the wheel, we should look at other (successful) Makerspace type outfits to see if they have the words which we can reuse.
I suspect something along the lines of ’ An inclusive and friendly environment encouraging learning, creative innovation and entrepreneurship, in support of a diverse, tech-savvy, sustainable and skilled community.’ as per Guildford Makerspace.

After this we make explicit the Strategies to achieve the Mission. Most of these we already know, such as ‘Maintain a fully functioning wood workshop’ and ‘Ensure early induction in all departments’.

Soooooooo What do we want for a Mission statement? We dont want it to be too long, but what words do you think should be fit inside that statement. What is really important? We have 14 verbs and nouns in the example above. I suggest we should have no more than 20.


Though I didn’t know about our vision statement until now, I like it! Furthermore, it gives rise to an idea for the mission statement. It’s loosely based on other makerspaces, but has a certain je ne sais quoi that I think captures something about us.

A collaborative and inclusive environment that encourages creativity, innovation and cooperatation to fostera diverse community with a wide-ranging set of skills and a sustainable outlook for the future.

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