Gouge mark in 'maple' work surface

Hello again.

So related to the recent sofa repair, in the sense that both were damaged while in storage, I am now tasked with ‘repairing’ a gouge mark in a ‘maple’ worktop. I think it is maple at least hence the quotes.

The top I’m pretty sure is removable which makes things somewhat easier, so I was wondering what the best approach might be to clean it up generally and get rid of the gouge? The idea of sanding the whole thing down by hand enough to get rid of the gauge doesn’t appeal particularly but if that’s the only way then so be it.

Any suggestions as to a better, i.e. less laborious and dusty solution, would as always be most welcome.

The dimension btw are 1500mm x 300mm approximately.


Just to add if there is somewhere I can take it where it could be run through an industrial sander or something then that would be my preferred option.

Thanks again.

Sanding down something that size would definitely be a massive pain - have you considered planing it down instead?

Taking a few millimetres off the top shouldn’t take too long at all if you use the electric planer in the wood shop, then you can just sand it down very quickly to get a nice finish.

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Thanks Sean.

Planing had crossed my mind I just wasn’t sure if that was the way to go. I haven’t really done any planing before but perhaps, with a bit of practice beforehand, this might present a good opportunity to have a go. Thanks again.

We have a router sled at the space, and I think that might be your best if you can’t find a drum sander. The electric plane will work, but you run the risk of putting a slope into the top if you’re not careful.

Otherwise, good old sanding with a long flat block will work. The added benefit, you get an arm workout :slight_smile:

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Thanks Ryan

Interesting to learn about the router sled technique. I am curious to look into that more.

Seems like I have a few options here though I’m still keen on the idea of a machine that would do the hard and messy work for me :slight_smile:

I used this place once - https://buildingbloqs.com - for lasercutting during lockdown prior to becoming a member of SLMS. They have a couple of machines that look like they might do what I want as featured on their woodworking page - namely the Panhans thicknesser and/or the Boere wide belt sander. If so I will contact them up to see whether they might provide this as a service. What do you think?