Golden Ratio Inspired Jewelry Display

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I semi frequently do boot-sales with my family. I have been looking to apply my recent Laser cutter induction to a semi useful but mostly toy project.

The idea is as follows:
Cut holes for wooden dowel or straight pegs in a fashion inspired by how some flowers space their petals to minimize overlap.
The intent of this being to give each piece appropriate space whilst also being densely packed and to get experience with software such as Inkscape for future projects that may require very specific measurements.


I was thinking of also cutting something into the face the pegs are embedded into which reflects the inspiration such as a flower.

To make the item actually useful Ill want to work around the following constraints:

  1. Designed in such a way to reduce how much it catches the wind or heavy enough for that not to matter. (it gets very windy where its intended to be used.)
  2. Able to fold such that it can be compactly stored without occupying to much volume.

Elements of this project I am trying to figure out how to do and would appreciate advice on:

  1. Suitable adhesives and where to find them.
  2. Using Inscape to generate something along these lines. Is there at least a way to measure a very specific displacement between pegs?
  3. Was thinking about drilling holes in the side of the wood and using a bent metal rod similar to as i have seen on laptop stands to hold board aloft at an angle. Not sure where to find such materials or how best to shape them.