Glue /adhesive advise?


The handle on frying pan keeps working loose.
There is one screw that holds the handle on.

Obviously superglue won’t work because of the heat.
I tried a thread locker but it didn’t hold for long (not sure if it denatured at heat or just didn’t have enough thread to hold to).

Once it’s on, I’m not bothered about taking it off again.
I’m wondering about a 2 part epoxy like araldite.

Any ideas for a heat resistant, water proof glue that will fill the void so the screw has more to hold on to?


Usually we tighten the handle when the pan is cold and when we heat it up it get loose (yep physics)

  • heat up the pan with the handle on the stove leave it at high temp for a bit
  • When it’s nice and toasty tighten gently the screw and let it to cool

Hopefully that should be enough to reduce the undesired effect you are describing above :slight_smile:

Alternatively you could use JB weld but read twice the label to make sure it safe to use around food lot of epoxy are SUPER toxic and some non friendly to the environment and subsequently to your health

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Perfect, thank you.

Just what I was looking for.



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thats a handy chart right here!

We have/had a copy of it in the Space – very handy

Worth lasering a couple I’d say

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