Getting started

I have my keyfob and have used it. I have attended an induction and understand that one needs training/induction to use certain equipment. Now I have some jobs that I’d like to do but I don’t know what to do next. In particular:

  1. if I turn up, how will I know in advance whether the shutter will be up?
  2. if the shutter isn’t up, what can I do to get it raised, or do I just wait until someone opens it?
  3. if I want to use an area or tool that no one else is using at that moment, should I just go ahead and use it, or should I ask for permission from someone official or by typing something into Discourse to reserve it or to find out if someone else has reserved it though they aren’t using it?

I’ve been poking around in Discourse but would appreciate some kind of wizard that says “ok, you’ve done that; now you need to do this”. I’ve encountered so-called AI and wondered whether the geekiness of using Discourse could be lessened by the using it to make the thing easy to use.

Hi Matthew,

I know that feeling - having gone through that myself fairly recently!

  1. Shutters up or down:
    First of all the calendar is your friend! Usually, members with shutter access will make a booking for all members without, so that they can plan accordingly. The red X right next to the calendar icon shows the current shutter state. If closed, it’s this red cross you see right now, if the shutters are up, it’s indicated by a green checkmark.

  2. Not much you can currently do, unless you know somebody in the area with shutter access.
    But you could apply for shutter access yourself. All you need is two members with shutter access to vouch for you. Basically what it means is, that you become a trusted member, i.e. people know you, you contributed to the community in whatever way is comfortable for you, i.e. volunteering, hosting an open evening, just being there chatting to people… etc.

  3. Let’s say you’ve had your basic woodworking induction but quickly want to use the tablesaw, I’m afraid that’s a no no! Everything you’re inducted on is for you to play, if you need a tool you’re not yet allowed to access, the easiest workaround is asking a fellow member who has that permission to make that cut or whatever … for you.
    If a tool is booked, i.e. Lasercutter from 1pm-3pm, this tool is then “reserved” for that member. If they decide to not attend or just use it for half an hour, no harm in just asking them there and then if you could have a go.
    You can go ahead and book areas/tools for yourself - if you’re inducted of course.

Hope that helped a little. I know Discourse is a bit intimidating at the beginning, it gets less clumsy with time! :slight_smile:



And now the space is open! At least until 6pm, from experience more likely until 1am… :wink: