Geodesic lampshade

Modelled on Fusion 360and laser cut with a Speedy 300 (not ours) IKEA led bulb and lamp fitting.


Very nice! How did you do the joints? It looks like those “stars” at the corners are separate pieces. Did you glue them together?

Very nice…

P.S. I can’t decide whether to get back into Fusion 360 or bite the bullet and dive into FreeCAD now…

The joiners are separate pieces.

It’s a standard slot together arrangement, but I added little sloping teeth on the ends of the slots with corresponding holes for them to latch into. No glue!

Fusion 360. The restrictions for non-professional users were greatly overstated IMHO. And it does so much more than just 3D modelling.

Although with an education license I have the full version anyway…