G'Day! I'm Mike

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Hello, I’m Mike.

I am moving from a house with a backyard to a flat that has no space for me to make things :cry:

I started doing some research to find a space where I could continue my woodworking and I was super excited to find the South London Maker Space online!

On Sunday I popped in on my Bike and met @platinumnqueen22 Brian who showed me around. (I think i tagged the right Brian)

The place looks amazing! And the new archway for Woodworking :star_struck:

Once I make it through the waiting list I plan to hopefully be making some kitchen cabinets, I will be working on my CAD skills in preparation to hopefully use the CNC in the future!

I am also starting to think about maybe designing a couch once I saw the sewing section, that could be a new skill I could try out.

Having recently done a Blacksmithing course I am also interested in metalwork and getting better at welding.

I took up woodworking just before the pandemic and have mainly made tables, below are a few of my pieces made during the pandemic, some from recycled pallets, others from white oak and walnut and also a Sake set from a pottery course I did with my partner, I hear there may also be a pottery area soon.

I look forward to coming to the next Opening evening. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make last night as I had my beginner Spanish class :disappointed:

After reading on discourse the Craft socials also look like something I would want to frequent.

From my chat with Brian the community sounds great and would love the opportunity to collaborate, learn new skills and help out by volunteering.

See you around soon :crossed_fingers: !


you got some seriously good work there!

I love the bed sides!

welcome to the SLMS!


Hi ,:smiley_cat: yes thats me, welcome to the space, Brian D=

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Hi Mike!

Those look like some fantastic projects! Love the benches!

We will have another Open Evening on the 24th of August. I hope you can make it! Looking forward to meeting you!

Hi @welcome

Yesterday I payed my first membership fee and I was exploring discourse today on how to get inductions on the tools and I am getting a few errors " Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private"

I believe it is because I haven’t been upgraded to a member on the forum as yet. If anyone could help me out, it would be greatly appreciated.

I saw on other posts to reach out to “@ welcome” if that’s the wrong spot I am sorry and please point me in the right direction, no rush if it takes some time I thought I would just check in.

Kind regards,

Your profile on Discourse needs to be updated to “member” and then you’ll have access to those pages. Should happen soon!

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