Furniture maker looking for bench space

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(Rupert Scott) #1


just found your wonderful community. Do you have any available bench space over teh coming months?

I’d be in full time.

All the best


(electrotech) #2

I may be jumping to conclusions with regard to your interest, please feel free to correct me.

It doesn’t really work that way. This isn’t meant for people to run a business from or work full time. Imagine trying to support that kind of business model for the paltry membership fee we charge.

If you wanted to make new friends, be a part of a community of like minded people and work on personal projects within a small shared space then that’s fine. We welcome that kind of member with open arms.

(Calum Nicoll) #3

Hi Rupert, nice to see you.

To add some points/counterbalance for this - there are many members working on commercial projects at the space and it certainly isn’t discouraged. Many of our members doing commercial work at the space add a huge amount of value to the space and are a great resource and certainly shouldn’t feel unwelcome, especially if they help with equipment maintenance etc. For example - it’s great having highly skilled wood/engineering/electronics/software guys around and folk are generally happy to help each other.

Just be aware that we don’t do defined desk space, there isn’t much storage space generally, and all the tools are maintained by volunteers so there is no guaranteed uptime.

(Rupert Scott) #4

ok thanks for letting me know.