Fundamentals of hand planes

I just watched a really great series of episodes from Mike Pekovich (fine woodworking) google search fundamentals of hand planes Mike Pekovich you want to click the link which says intro and you will then get to the full series of episodes. It’s all free and very comprehensive, it covers types of planes, usage and sharpening. I know a lot about hand planes but I did pick up one new subtlety of usage. Perfect for any level of woodworker. I really need someone to show me how to send a link. Anyway, it is a great series.


They look really helpful.
I need to learn to sharpen some chisels for metal work and it’s proving harder then I thought it would be.

@Giles_Mould to add a link you either just copy the original link (on YouTube there is a share button that then let’s you copy the link) and paste it in here but clicking in the text fields and then clicking paste. Or you use the link button in the comment box (2 interlinked chains links) and then add the link.

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