Freedom Seed Bank are seeking an artist / designer / carpenter / maker to design and build an interactive seed bank

Freedom Seed Bank are seeking an artist / designer / carpenter / maker to design and build an interactive seed bank as part of the Seeds for the Better World project in partnership with Global Generation. The interactive seed bank will travel to community events, schools, and other organisations to educate and inspire people about seeds in an engaging, interactive and playful way. The designer must be able to work collaboratively with the project partners (London Freedom Seed Bank and Global Generation) and the young people who are participating in the Seeds for a Better World Project.For more info about the project, timeline, and budget, please download the brief from our website
Deadline for proposals is Monday 28th May at 9am. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with any questions. EMAIL:



That does look interesting.

I’m not a big fan of design competitions in general - nasicaa way of organisations getting design work done for free. Lots of freelance designers who don’t get those won’t be paid for their work, which is demotivating and shows a bit of a disregard for the value of good design work.

Still, interesting project. Is anyone thinking of going for it?

Should we submit a SLMS design, or work individually and compete against each other?

I’m not sure if I’m personally going to have enough time to work on this.

I am thinking submitting a design if I get to it, happy to collab also.

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There’s no reason why we can’t submit an individual one and a combo one, I suppose…


This sounds amazing I will check it up because I already stardted my/ours SEED BANK fees ago. Thanks @afshind!!

Shall we send one together?

@boldaslove is doing lots of gardening too, let’s put ours brains together

This sounds fun, wouldn’t mind spending a couple of hours knocking ideas about for it with a few others here

Almost certainly the kind of project that only really comes to life through actually getting it out among the target audience, but I’m sure we’d come up with a nifty hook as a starting point

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I’d be up for kicking some ideas around too.

Monday, Thursday evenings?

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I’m up for that as I have 2 permaculture design certificates and was on the winning team in both.

Once for a forest school and the other because we had an artist on the team and it looked too pretty to lose.