We are moving away and sadly won’t be able to attend the space.

I have some bits that I won’t use without the wonderful machines at the space but maybe you can use them.

  • white PLA 2.85mm (ultimaker friendly) mostly full 1kg spool.
  • tilda boards from emf camp.
  • around 8 sheets of 3mm acrylic for the laser. (red, yellow, blue, black, green, clear, cloudy) some have been used but mostly intact A4.
  • 18650 batteries

if you pay for the postage I will box it up and send it off. or pickup in se23.

Hi Kylie,

I’d love your Laser acrylic if it is still available. Please let me know. I can pick up from se23.


yes 100% available I will pm you

That’s a lot of batteries!


I’m surprised it took this long…

Hi Kylie,
I am interested in the PLA and if any 18650 batteries left, I’m in for them as well!



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sure they are all yours.
I will message you.

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