Free Coffee

Ive left 500g of coffee ground for the cafetiere; please feel free to use it.

This is a strong dark roast has been grown and roasted in northern thailand as part of a poppy eradication project. please enjoy.


That’s nice coffee. Where can I get more?

Also, my friend’s crystal palace zero waste shop has coffee and crisps in biodegradable and/or compostable packaging!

I may well be going to thailand again. so did you all like this coffee and should I get some more?



Yes. Please. Thank you.

Hi, Matthew, :smile: YES please on behalf of myself and Howard , many thanks Brian D=

had a bit of a horrible fortnight so didn’t make thailand or kenny’s birthday :frowning: i will ask better half to pick some up if she goes to one of the otop shows, and brinf it back when i do actually make it