Frame making stuff

(David Bibby) #1

Do we have a V-nailer for picture framing in the space? I would like to make a few fairly quick and cheap frames without making fancy joints.

Ditto, a mount cutter/guide rail arrangement that can do nice straight cuts and 45 degree bevels?

(Martin John Finch) #2

No, we do not have one, but I too would like access to one. How about a pledge drive for a pneumatic v-nailer like:

Does anyone know more about these?


(David Bibby) #3

Does it need to be powered? I saw this one which is manual (less to go wrong) and has the clamp to hold the pieces in place

Which looks ok

(Jonty Bottomley) #4

The main perk of gun is the smaller footprint as we have pretty limited space in the woodshop…