(Luke Watts) #1

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(Tom Newsom) #2

I agree with your proposal and would like to subscribe to your newsletter

(Luke Watts) #3

@tomnewsom a wise move!

Just, trying to at why the blog category isn’t appearing within the WordPress Discourse page. Don’t suppose you’d have any insights?

(Tom Newsom) #4

How about now?

(Luke Watts) #5

Great stuff. The plugin pulls from So I am guessing it was tied to where the Blog category wasn’t appearing on the homepage.

Thanks for looking at that so quickly on a Sunday evening.

(Tom Lynch) #6

I turned that off deliberatly.

(Luke Watts) #7

No problem, you can switch if off again if you like. I can see everything is working now, just some styling left to do for the comments within WordPress

(Tom Newsom) #8

IMO, the category should be visible, so that

  1. The wp article gets decent comments
  2. Anyone who is therefore encouraged to make their own comment will end up seeing the rest of the forum

(Luke Watts) #9

Totally agree @tomnewsom.
@unknowndomain I’m guessing that you are only keeping it off the homepage whilst the new site is under development?

(Tom Lynch) #10

I don’t see why we’d want the blog on the forum

(Luke Watts) #11

Why have a blog with comments powered by a forum that doesn’t feature a reference to the blog with comments powered by the forum?

(Tom Newsom) #12

So that comments on blog articles get replied to by friendly SLMS members

(Luke Watts) #13

Not sure if this takes the Foobar thread off topic, nor how Discourse is themed. But would it be possible to flip the body copy across to Source Sans Pro from Google fonts to match the upcoming new site?

(Luke Watts) #14

Also @unknowndomain it seems that the wp-discourse plugin is unable to publish to a category that is not available via: Which appears to be the homepage items…

(Tom Newsom) #15

Any custom CSS is possible, and all posts in a category have a custom class, so yes. All the replies would be in Source Sans as well though.

EDIT: Ah! The 1st post has id=“post_1” gimme a sec…

(Tom Newsom) #16

.category-blog #post_1 .contents p { font-family: 'Source Sans Pro', sans-serif; }

Let me know what else should be in that {}

(Tom Lynch) #17

But they come up in unread and new. You don’t need the category.

(Luke Watts) #18

That looks great!

(Luke Watts) #19

I take your point. There’s not necessarily a need to push it into specifically a Blog category. There’s actually a pull request we could probably take advantage for wp-discourse, that allows you to route individual posts into specific categories.

Think it is only outstanding because of some trivial code formatting issues

(Tom Newsom) #20

Why is that a problem?

I only ever read Latest and Unread, so would miss out on blog posts otherwise.