Fob Activation

Hi @admin,

I restarted my membership on Thursday. I tried using my fob again yesterday three times at 1214 on arch one. I’d appreciate any help reactivating my fob.

Thank you.

I was told that the process is automatic but the silence is deafening. This is my fourth attempt at getting help with this.

@welcome @directors

It used to be automated, we had a kiosk for self registration, but that was years ago, now days it has to be registered by an authorised user who has access to the logs and manually copy the information across to the membership system.

EDIT: For those who don’t remember the kiosk:

@lewisss thank you Mark.
@unknowndomain thank you Tommie.

This is an administrative process working as designed. Direct communication with @Riggerz has been made. Ideally it would’ve been done yesterday. Apologies Darren.

@kyle Thank you, Kyle.

Will be great to see all the friendly people again.

As a side note, we’re happy if someone reimplements the fob station. @danielbenton had talked about it last year!

Currently, the fob field is used for administrative blocks.

The parameters are

  1. Someone or group of folks need to volunteer to maintain it
  2. It should only register tags for users where that field is blank
  3. Authentication should work reasonably
  4. It should be decently reliable
  5. It should not cost a lot to operate

I have volunteered write the backend endpoint to set the tag if someone wants to go for it.


I just arrived to use my fob again, it is still not active.

Not happy.

Hi Darren,

Please reply to the email message that has been sent.

I would expect after seeing Joe for the second time and initially seeing Andy about my complaint when I spelled it out precisely, and then having to write it here in a post that the complaints procedure would be in full flow but to date I have been made to feel like the problem.

Rules are a black and white world where I can exist. I am autistic and have ADHD. But thus far I have been faced with so much grey, and then been shunned.

My crime is that I made a complaint against a prominent person in the space, and I feel to write this post in light of the “we are inclusive” message that I received from Andy.

It’s been over a month since I first made my complaint and feel that there really isn’t any protocol for complaints at all.

I have responded to your email, Kyle, and not had any response.

I didn’t come to the space for many months because I couldn’t deal with the anxiety that simply being me, trying to be inclusive and helpful, causes someone such great grief that I have to endure passive aggression. It’s called empathy, the reason I didn’t come to the workshop, empathy for the person whom sees me as a threat just by being helpful, being me.

In essence, Joe tells me how to be in the space but doesn’t realise that he’s trying to cancel out my disabilities. That doesn’t feel very inclusive at all.

So in the meantime I’m to be punished for making a complaint by not being allowed in the space.

I’ve been very clear in my email that we all, myself,.the person I have made a complaint against and the directors need to sit down and talk this out like the adults we all are.


Hi Darren,

We appreciate your patience while we investigated your situation, which yes, can take a month or more. Apologies if there was any misunderstanding about the timeline.

You should now have an email with further details on how we can proceed. Thank you for understanding and cooperating to maintain a positive environment for all.

Best regards,

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Thank you, Andy.
I will respond to the email later today, I need some clarity on a couple of points of interest that currently I have conflicting advice from the directors on.
Regards, Darren.

@welcome @directors
Hi all. I have sent an email for review. Thank you.
Regards, Darren.