Flashforge 3d printer

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Hi @3dtechs,

What’s the status of the flashforge dreamer? Can i use it as is? Do i need to set anything in particular ( other then the gcode using the mac in the space)?


@Conrad, @Kyle ?

@kyle helped yesterday with the machine profile, I need to test the settings in my cura at home. Assuming it works ( otherwise I’ll generate the gcode in the space), is there anything else to do on the machine? It looks off and stashed on the top shelf…

Ahh… Quick extra info… We noticed yesterday that the shelf on top of the ultimaker is off its position… It may fall off… i’m not in the space to take a picture now, but it’s something to look at.
@asander1 @Conrad @mbg


The printer works for sure,

If cure doesn’t work just use their slicer

Can someone who has used this machine update the tool page? It looks to be a copy of the Utilimaker page and has Utilimaker references that make no sense…

Also- is this machine covered in the 3D Printer induction? If not - does there need to be a section on it?


One of the first things I did as a new member was to update the tool page for the Dreamer. Though wouldn’t be surprised if I made updates to a different page at the time. However, it shouldn’t have any references to the Ultimaker unless it still has some of the reference text in it that I used to help fill out the document.

Yeah. But their slicer is terribly old and still needs a few tweaks to get working properly in the printer. :sweat_smile:

I intend to be in the space a little earlier tomorrow before the electronics night and can also check out moving the profile to the windows machine if that hasn’t been done already. The iMac otherwise is all setup to run prints through Cura correctly.

Thanks for that! Seems some survived??

I’ll try to be in the space earlier as well if the work allows me.