Fixing the planer

(EdwardBilson) #1

I’m going to have a stab at fixing (what we think is) the last issue with the planer/thicknesser this evening.

Anyone who wants to lend a hand is most welcome to come down - anyone who was planning to use the workshop, your patience while we take the top part of the machine off to fiddle with things is greatly appreciated.

(kevin) #2

I’m interested in helping out, what time are you planning on starting?

(David Santoro) #3

By the way, the I’ve changed the blades of the little one and it’s now usable

(EdwardBilson) #4

Very useful to know!

(EdwardBilson) #5

I’ll be around from five I think.

(kevin) #6

I can be there around 6 if that’s still useful

(David Santoro) #7

Although the belt might brake soon… :slight_smile: