Fixers needed (electrical, mechanical, electronical) for Balham Restart Party - Saturday 23/9/22 (tomorrow) from 1pm

This looks to be a busy and fun day as part of St Mary’s Great Big Green Day…however we’re going to need some more fixers to support the Balhamites in their desire to repair stuff

A potential range of repairs from hedge trimmer cable to high end AV equipment(not all fixes are completable!)…but it’s always interesting

At these events you fix things with the attendees (not for them), opening up their misbehaving toaster/CD player and diagnosing the problem together…and watch the joy when they get inside and actually fix it

Any questions, just stick them below

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I would love to but up to my neck in it in arch2 at the moment sorry

Could have made it with a bit more notice …… sorry

I’m happy to help but definitely need more notice…

Thanks all, it was sprung on me yesterday that we were short of fixers… there’s another event in November for anyone who wants to give it a try


I’m interested.

For today? It’s at St Mary’s Church, Balham High Road, SW12 9BS, 1 till 4pm, setting up from 12:30

November session will be in Tooting

Also plenty more fixing opportunities in Camden (but haven’t been advertising here as it’s not exactly local)

Woops, sorry. Misunderstanding. I meant for November. Can’t do today, AGM and Street Party in our close, sorry.

However, :crossed_fingers: for today!!

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No worries! Just wanted to clarify

ill come give you a hand (today). have you already got all the tools one could need?


I’ve got a basic selection, so if you have anything you can easily grab bring it (noticed I don’t have any solder for instance)

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I’ll try to find some.

only have a tub of solder paste that i can find, so that may have to do.

Halfords to the rescue! Got solder


Thanks Morris, you were brilliant (as expected)


most welcome, and ty! was a good day.