First Woodshop TLC night 29/01/2019

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(EdwardBilson) #1

Hi everyone - first woodworking TLC night. The focus will be on:

  • Sharpening chisels (including correct use of the Tormek sharpener).
  • Tidy of hardwood offcuts pile.
  • General sweep up.

Biscuits provided, bring any little jobs you want to have a look at and discuss with other woodworkers. Soft start around seven.

(Jack Derrick) #2

Sounds like a good excuse to break my absence! count me in - Can I bring a couple of old chisels for sharpening?

(EdwardBilson) #3

Bring them along! If there’s a lot of interest in sharpening I’ll bring my stones down too.

(Martin John Finch) #4

I’m there!

(Dan Harrison) #5

Yep, i’d definitely be up for #sharpeningschool

Have some plane irons and chisels to sort out at some point

(EdwardBilson) #6

Bump - this is happening on Tuesday!

(Jack Derrick) #7


(Martin John Finch) #8

Tuesday it is.