First video from Saturday's MakerFest up on YouTube

(Martin John Finch) #1

Watch it at:

Well done to whoever (@Dermot ?) got it loaded onto the Makerspace YouTube account.

Yeah I need a shotgun mic for my DLSR. My lavalier mic had a flat battery and I couldn’t find a replacement on Saturday morning. Lesson learned.

One thing: could someone with the account privileges add the following to the description at the bottom:

“Music by Dave Wright -



(Dermot Jones) #2

I’ve added the music credit. Did he create the track for you? What’s the situation with legal music for YouTube videos?

(Martin John Finch) #3

Thanks. He just had the track lying around, composed for a previous project that didn’t go anywhere, and let me/us use it for free.

What’s the situation with legal music for YouTube videos?

Complicated, constantly shifting and somewhat arbitrary. If you use copyrighted music, for example a Frank Sinatra song, YouTube detects this automatically and give you a choice of taking the music off, paying a license fee (I think) or allowing a banner ad to be placed at the bottom of your video, the proceeds of which will be paid to the owner. I know this because it happened with my mother’s funeral video! In this case, all Dave’s music is registered with PRS thus he could receive a tiny residual payment for its use on YouTube, but the number of plays will be so small that neither PRS nor YouTube are unlikely to collect it from us. Unless it goes viral of course… well Trotec can only hope… :wink: