First table saw induction

(joeatkin2) #1

When are people available?

I have asked some of members please let me know when you are available , let me know below.

Sorry only experience members

(Calum Nicoll) #2

I am in the space now and have saw experience… other than that, midweek daytime is best or late night - but could probably come in most of the time if got a days notice.

(James Mouat) #3

I am available evenings and weekends, and would gladly hustle to get over for an induction on the table saw on short notice.

(Andrea Campanella) #4

Mostly during the week’s evenings

(Pete Hellyer) #5

I’m coming with my pen, paper and dictophone to document this business. How about saturday?

(Dale Connolly) #6

Various times. When you’ve got a definitive time I can let you know if I can make it…if you’ll have us that is!

(Tom Hedges) #7

I’m happy to come and document - could do some point on Saturday, probably.

(Rich Maynard) #8

Set a time and I’ll come if I can

(joeatkin2) #9

Fortunately trained on a table saw?

(joeatkin2) #10

Remember that only people who are formality trained to use the table saw and peat and Tom and one more note taker .

Sorry should have made that more clear.

(joeatkin2) #11

As it stands you are the most critical member of the induction, so you can name the time.

(Dale Connolly) #12

Is this a tester for formal inductions as opposed to an induction for us mere mortals?

(joeatkin2) #13

Yes , I need experienced users to tell me if I have left anything out .

(joeatkin2) #14


I know that there’s more of you out there

(Sarah Jones) #15

I’d like to do it. Limited table saw experience but I can be available most week days before 3 and most evenings with a bit of notice, ideally after 8pm.

(Louis) #16

I’m up for it!

(Calum Nicoll) #17

Yeah - not the one at slms but have used one a fair bit.

(joeatkin2) #18

Fortunately trained? I know that you have done a woodworking course.

(Dermot Jones) #19

Good opportunity to review/complete the Risk Assessment at the same time?

EDIT: we need be sure the current RA is fit for running and induction from beforehand of course.

(joeatkin2) #20

Fortunately trained? Or self taught?