Filming on Sunday 15/07/18 between 10am - 12pm

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Femi & I would like to do some Laser cutting on Sunday - but want to do some filming with a film crew too. Femi’s part of an initiative looking at Young people and technology and he wants to show what he’s into and the Hackerspace is one of his favourite places - where we run our SLRjam Pioneers each month.

Have spoken to @Dermot - to make this is ok and if anyone has any queries - please let me know. @neill0 is going to join as he has experience with the laser-cutter.

Hope this the right place to post this.


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I trust the camera will stay well clear of other members ? If the camera is waved near me I will be most displeased.

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Hi electronoob,

If you are there at 10am on Sunday - come find me if you have any problems. We will definitely not film you.

Just curious - what does ‘bump’ mean?


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‘Bump’ describes a ‘post’ which moves the thread to the top of the ‘latest posts’ list

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Thanks for confirmation.