Exciting news! Makerspace pandemic reopening - first sessions this Wednesday 29th July - 12 midday and 3:30pm - very limited spaces

We’re just about set for trial reopening on the basis of one member per room

Julia will be hosting these sessions, and will induct you in our COVID-safe procedures

If you helped out on Saturday or have been part of the PPE response then you will get priority (Discourse is doing that thing where it won’t let me tag anyone, sorry)

These will be 3 hour sessions including setting up and clearing up, more details will follow. If you can make it edit this WiKi and add your name and area you want to work in below – you will be allocated one of the workshops and will have access only to equipment in that area, so please bear this in mind

We’ll let everyone know by end of the afternoon tomorrow (Tuesday)

Wednesday at 12 midday:

  • your name, which area you want to work in

Wednesday at 3:30pm

  • your name, which area you want to work in

More details and practical guidance on the reopening protocols can be found here

We’re finding our way here and very much value members’ thoughts, creativity and feedback for improving the systems


@members see above: first sessions for members project making start tomorrow

This should be for projects you can’t do at home, but need that facilitates of the Space for


I was ready to do some laser cutting just before lockdown and had done an induction course but to be honest I’d like to do another intro as a refresher if possible? Will anyone be running the Laser Cutter inductions?

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Not in person, but maybe online

OK, fair enough… not sure how that would work for a practical demonstration of how to use the Laser Cutter but if anyone out there wants to offer to do that then I’d sign up for it

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I’m in the same situation. Would love to use the laser cutter but wouldn’t feel confident after such a long gap since the induction.

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Via Zoom perhaps? We need to be creative to solve these challenges – there’s a long pandemic ahead by all accounts

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Hi, yes, I do get that :wink: my reply was really to see if someone who usually does the Laser Cutter inductions would want to do one from the machine while people zoom-ed? I guess the only problem there is that they’ll occupy a valuable slot in the laser cutter room while numbers are limited? not sure if this was best place to ask about this but if not direct me to where I should post this sort of question please…


It’s good to ask that, and the techs have been tagged here… it’s on topic enough as several members first thought about using the Space is ‘I need a refresher’, so doubtless this will be fairly common

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We’ve got a plan for bringing laser inductions/refreshers online on a 1-to-1 basis, will update as soon as we know more!


Yes please. Id love to use the laser cutter. Also happy to help remotely induct people if that’s helpful.


Please can I book a space for Thursday 5th at 3.30pm? I’d like to do some work on my bike. I could use the bike stand outside for most of it but might appreciate access to a vice as well at some point

Sorry, I meant Thursday 6th, tomorrow…

At the moment today’s sessions are the only ones bookable. Once we have more hosts we’ll put more sessions online

Okay, thanks =o)

Is there any opportunity to book spaces at the weekend? Apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere, I haven’t been following all the threads.