Excited to join!

Hello all,
Wanted to say how excited I am to be joining the Makerspace. I have just paid for my membership, and will hopefully be able to visit for the open evening today (3rd May) to see the space and meet some of you

I’m primarily interested in doing some basic woodworking to create some very simply but functional furniture (like a plain side table, a simple shoe rack, etc) and so will be doing some wood inductions eventually! I would like to eventually build up my skills and branch out as well.

Looking forward to getitng to know the space and make some friends! Let me know if you have similar goals. Or perhaps if you have any leads on some free pallet or reclaimed wood :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Afrah,

Welcome to the community! Sounds like you’ll feel right at home in the woodshop. Lots of fellow woodworms doing projects like you’re interested in!

Make sure to put your name down on the other induction waiting lists as well, for example the CNC or the Lasercutter - very useful tools for woodworking!

See you tonight at the Makerspace,