Esp8266 weather station project any takers?

Hi all,

I’ve been playing around with some esp8266 and bme280s to create temp/humidity/pressure readings.

I’d like to create an outdoor version of this @Courty has quite a lot of experience in this field.
ideally Id like it to run 365 without intervention and if your code only fires once every 5 minutes or so the battery should last a while.

I was going to create this project

if anyone has any comments regarding the project they would be welcomed.

Its a fairly simple project and doesnt require much equipment, being through hole its also fairly easy to solder.

I can order the PCBs via PCBWAY and the pcb creator gets a comission.

They require a minimum of 5 boards at a cost of $1 per board.

I would only require 2 units, if we have interest for the other 3. (or we can order more if there is interest )

I think its probably around £18 including shipping per unit for the parts (not including lipo battery or case)

  • pcb - PCBWAY
  • battery holder - banggood
  • tp4056 - banggood
  • bme280 (uk ebay)
  • wemos d1 pro - banggood

I havent included, wire, resistors or connectors as I thought people might have their own.

really cool. I hope it will predict some good weather eventually :sweat_smile:
we had a record 147.8 mm rain over the last 31 days

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