Engraving big pieces

Is it possible to get bigger pieces of wood into the laser cutter? Like 1.5m long? I know some machines have a ‘passthrough’. I want to engrave on one end of an oak plank.

Ours isn’t built for this…

One of the Chinese laser diode engravers such as the Ortur would do it – open framed so you could do larger pieces of certain designs with good registration points…

That’s a shame.

Mind you, I’m a metalworker so I could always just cut a hole the side…!

I have one of those cheap open frame laser diode engravers as it happens, but I built it as a CNC plasma cutter instead. Sadly I bought the smallest diode I could because I wasn’t intending to use it.

Consensus is that the lower power diodes are better at engraving, particularly for detail (as the burn spot tends to be smaller)

That’s interesting. I’ll give it a go, then!