Embroidery machine - pledge drive suggestion

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I was wondering if there is a way to make patches at the space at the moment? I had some made recently and then realised I would love to make all sorts of patches for my band, frisbee group, makerspace, events I do with my friends and so on… Realised it’d cost a lot of money and I’d rather invest into the machine for makerspace should that be welcome by other members joining the pledge drive?

Firstly I’d like to check with the textiles people if there something I’m missing on embroidery, like I could use the Janome or do it by hand, which - if I’m making 30 might take too much time.

Insights into patch making welcome!

These I had made and similar I’d be looking at making, eventhough I have a sick idea of a design on a biker patch (like a whole upper back stretch)… Cannot upload a pic for some reason, will do later)


embroidering is something I’m keen to pick up and was looking at buying a machine for myself until I realised I have no space :man_facepalming:t2: I’d happily be part of any collective embroidery effort :blush:!


I love this enthusiasm, let’s find out what type exactly can we afford, I thought they are smallish, not too imposing!


Cool idea! See what you can find!

Sorry, I’m afraid I don’t know very much about embroidery or embroidery machines. Standard machines like we have at the space cannot do that embroidery or patches and you would need a specialist machine.

I know the machines do tend to be a lot more expensive than a “normal” sewing machine - generally around the £1k mark.
Would be fun to try one though.

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Found this one.

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This machine looks good and easy to use. I checked out a couple of You Tube videos and the stitching looks very neat. It seems to have a variety of designs already programmed and it looks like it is easy to upload new designs. I don’t know about changing stitch length or stitch type, on the videos I saw they did a satin stitch but I think it would be perfect for patches.

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I can see @EDolby @antonyoneill @Amanda @asander1 @TracyD are in favour of getting this, I spoke with @Lauren and @dermot today about this, I think we are all in favour of getting this.

Amanda confirmed its size would not impose on the textiles, @directors is 300£ expense something we should pool for, or pool for a half like with other stuff, or should we gather bigger interest to get that?

If anyone else is in favour and I haven’t mentioned them, please comment…

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:wave:t5: I’m in flavour!!


“Flavour” :smiley:

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It will be interesting to use :smiley:
To many projects to little time, I’ll be down to contribute though.

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I’m in favour

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