Electronics Spares and Tools

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I have a small box of electronics hobby material including breadboards, copper clad PCB boards, vero board, arduino parts, a handheld oscilloscope and some other bits and pieces. Would anyone use this? I can drop off to the Tuesday Meetup

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That sounds useful


BTW the meetups are still virtual for the time being (after 12th April me may start electronics night in the Outer Space)

Next Electronics Night is this Thursday from 7pm

Hi I would be interested in the arduino and scope. but let the space have first pick. any pics? Thanks

It’s all useful for us, feel free to drop it by the space, @Tariq, I will keep you in mind if something it’s not useful for us :slight_smile:

hi the handheld scope i am interested to signal trace my synthesizer

i assume u r donating it to the space