Electronics night online change pace!

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I’m going to run the electronics night online every 2 week from now on , so not this week but the next one.

There hasn’t been many people recently but I’m not willing to give up yet.

See you there, Stay Safe!

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Which day next week? How does it work online? I’m new to this, looking for new hobby, plus I need to change a switch in the house, don’t know how it fits into your electronics online programme

I would happily turn up to the electronics night, but I am not even a member - the space closed just as I had arrived in London.

@Rita_Roze , we have a discord channel (that now support video calls as well!) The next one will be next Thursday, feel free to join us and ask as much as you want.

A word of advice, please ask someone with experience if you need to change a switch on the main, it’s a dangerous procedure to work with 220v if you don’t take the right precautions!

I’m happy to talk you through changing your switch.
Do you have the new switch?
Do you have an electrically insulated screwdriver (usually yellow and red)?
Do you have zoom, skype or whatsapp?

@directors? Shall I open the session to not members?

As it’s online, I’d have thought that would be up to you? We don’t need permission for everything do we?

Up to you guys!

I appreciate that, being a makerspace related event I prefer to follow the community guidelines, I may open it to non members too then.


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