Electronics Newbie Alert - breadboards and power supplies

(Simon Eves) #1

Hey all,

I’m relatively new to the space and need to do a little bit of experimenting with some basic circuitry in relation to an LED sign project I’m working on.

Are there any breadboards in the space that I can hook up to a power supply to and try stuff out in the real world (simulations are only so good)?

Happy to source myself, but just wanted to check there’s not already provision.


(Filip) #2

Hey Simon,

I think there are some breadboards on the top shelf of the electronics bench, and there’s definitely a power supply. You may have to rummage around a little for the breadboard and jumper cables though, or just use some solid core wire if you can’t find any of the latter…

(electrotech) #3

I would suggest solid wire as already mentioned. If you are a little ocd then you may find it pleasing to cut the wire to precise lengths.

(electrotech) #4

(David Santoro) #5

I’ve enjoyed that video! Math does come to the rescue.

(Simon Eves) #6

Thanks Filip!

(Simon Eves) #7

This looks great, thanks. Is there a pair of those awesome wire strippers in the space?

(David Santoro) #8