Electric Motor ProjectS

Is any interested in doing an Electric Van Project Electric Motor ProjectS

Obviously work couldn’t begin for a while but interest in a project could have some influence over what Arch 2 is used for so demonstrable interest created now could be useful in its support as an approved activity.

This is the start of a blank canvas - all thoughts welcome!!

The project could go anywhere. It could turn into the Makerspace Members Van…,it could turn into a zillion pound business…it could turn into a cloud of vape Juice…

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@nico.dejong.nz - Head of welding?
@edd - head of electrics?
@lewisss - sound system?? Exhaust system???
@petra on drums???..head of design???
@jonty - wooden interior??
@pip silkscreen area…? opps! wrong thread! i mean: Head engineer and head of communications and purchasing!!!

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Hullo! From silkscreen to head of engineering & comms, quite the (undeserved) promotion!

Funnily enough was researching electric vans myself yesterday as everyone and their dog looks at staycation options and all land on a campervan myself included I found this project, which is very impressive -


It’s mindblowing how much work and thought and skills and knowledge have gone into this thing. So much so, I abandoned the van idea completely and have decided to go cycle touring. On a push bike.

Good luck with the project though, would be pretty epic to be able to travel without ever going to a petrol or charging station!


It’s a (non tail) pipe dream. But it’s not rocket science. I’ll pencil you in!!! Congratulations!

Have you met Rich?

Rich rebuilt a drawned Tesla and blah blah blah.

He became a youTube super star and set up his own companies servicing electric vehicles and Blah blah blah.

He also turned a crappy broken electic motor bike into a 2 seater Hot Rod…!

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French makerspace makes VW T3 camper into van.
Random Episode from the series:

I’m interested in how we pick which projects are allowed a parking space? Ie could a trailer fit out, or van conversion find parking space?


yes great project idea
ready to lend my skills ive seen plenty electric bikes at the space firstly
i know parking there can be an issue having a charging point is a possibility that would be another discussion ok ive driven a milkfloat and have a forklit licence on two ocasions thcopany worked for scraped the forkift because thebateries were dead and too expensive at that rate the motor should be too hard to locate
36 volt is oraly used we had a charger at the works of course you cold build a hybrid carunsonwater.com a hydrogen generator? yeah a rear engine vw would be ideal and three leisure batts
also geting it registered needs looking g into: the single vehicle application (sva) costs- £500as for kitcar s
i have the manual lets talk


It’s a good point.

With a bigger arch2 a section / area / bay could be assigned to vehicle projects…

Or as you say maybe the project could be parked outside…or someother workaround…

“The details”, at the mo, may just get in the way, as did the details of having welding in the space when we first thought about that in arch 1.

This post is to gauge and generate interest in the possibility. I would love to do something like this, just wondering how many others do too…

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First off I am a fan of campervans. Good idea.

Second off: Would that be financed by members? I am pondering the cost of this project to make sense out of it. Despite being flattered by being thought of, I would think this is too expensive? I personally dont have xk to spend. Using Makerspace funds sounds a bit edgy as theres a whole arch to be built.

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Dunno??? Maybe?? Probably not. I think the project is complicated enough that the money aspect would probably be the least of our worries​:rofl::joy::rofl: Saying that, where there is a will there is a way. Seed funding, crowd funding, grants, business loans, members contributing - there are lots of ways to raise capital. It’s not a proposal for all the members to pay for it though - unless they want too and their is a good cost / benefit ratio (doesn’t look like it at the mo) - off topic Example: how much is it worth to have an electric flat bed van for the space that means we can pick up and drop off projects and materials?? Priceless to woodworkers, zero to electric bench users.

The post is more about seeing if there is a desire amongst members to work on electric motor projects and having a space for that in Arch 2.

Blank canvas. :+1:t3::face_with_monocle::+1:t3::face_with_monocle::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck: Dream big, then work out the details…

Renamed post from “Electric Van Project” to “Electric Motor ProjectS“

Because this thread is essential about finding out and encouraging interest in having a space in arch 2 where members can work on electric motor projects.

“Vans” was an initial thought but I guess electric scooters, vans, bikes, trikes, cargo, skateboards, bikes, trailers, cars etc etc is probably more wide spread engaging.


The potential for making projects in this area is huge! The next 30 years will be dominated by the move from fossil fuels to renewables.

There are already many makerspace that are facilitating this. And there are already businesses that are making money in electric vehicle and electric motor and renewable energy projects.

It’s my personal wish that we can do projects in this vein at the space and that maybe we have some truly awesome people at the space changing their lives and turning hobbies snd interests started at MS into careers or businesses of their own…or maybe just some electric roller blades (you heard it here first!!)

It would be great if we could have a bit of space reserved for these ideas to be played with!

This is a fascinating topic, especially since it’s widened scope to electric motor projects.

My partner and I have considered converting an electric van to a camper van before. However, the freedom a camper should provide does not stack up against the range anxiety. The humble pedal cycle still wins out for unbound freedom so I think cycle touring is a perfect option.

An important vehicle to consider is the electric wheelchair. Since upgrading to electric wheels I have seen my friend have a renewed independence. It’s a pity that electric wheelchair wheels currently cost a lot.

I have only joined the maker space since lockdown so have never actually visited, just joined the discussion. Therefore, cannot provide useful comment on the space for such projects. I just thought I would share my interest.


I’ve got a squillion other projects on the go but it seems like the reduction in cost of brushless motors and suitable batteries from RC uses along with a rise in power of microcontrollers might be out together to make some kind of friction drive wheelchair conversion…?


Looking forward to range anxiety being a thing of the past. Seems like it’s not an issue for people buying new EVs.

I don’t think it’ll be long before van’s get up to speed. Can’t wait to own one but can’t see that being affordable just yet…

…think there’s a E-Sprinter and E-Transporter coming out this year.

Have you heard of EV West?

bottom of the range £7000 car with 218mile range [NEDC] - jst unheard of a few years ago.

…the world is rapidly changing.
I’ve heard a few stories saying large numbers a road side chargers just wont ever be needed in a way they where being planned for even 3 years ago.
You’re more likely to charge to vehicle once a week in a supermarket wirelessly while you shop and not even notice you had to do anything on a day to day basis…and super chargers for motorway trips while you have a comfort break…high end cars are doing this now.

Can’t wait for these to be affordalbe on the 2nd hand market…

…and then you have the top end. Electric cars blizting all the ICE records. RIP Fossil fuels…

yesthereare charging points pooping up everywhere
i know the appeal of VW campervan but why bot small car may be more likely to succeedsmartcar for under 500 forklift motr under 5500 3 leisure batter
keepme updated

What i think gets overlooked in the excitement of this thread is the floor space requirements of a car INSIDE the arch, vs taking a bay outside, and what proportion of the membership wants INSIDE space used, over say, project storage racks.

Also no idea how this will be resolved, assume the survey results play a large role and the additional bits added into that process


ok who has looked into control of motors *apart from utube) oNe i have seen is connected by cable another is a rotary switch and ten to3 transistors