Dusty Woodshop, Sorry


Apologies to anyone using the woodshop this evening or tomorrow. I was routing some MDF and made a huge amount of dust. I swept and dusted as much as I could but couldn’t use the karcher vac as it had no bags, so will aim to come in Saturday morning to give it a hoover.

(it’s not too bad, just not the state I’d like to leave it in)




I think that @platinumnqueen22 was ordering bags and suggested if they were not ordered by Friday then I’d buy them myself and put in an expense claim?

I assume the order is in process now because I was not told what to buy?

It’s not that tricky, we just need to buy some bags :wink:

They are in the space already.

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Where are exactly? On Thursday @platinumnqueen22 said they had been ordered but not arrived?

On Thursday I told you and Brian that they’ve been bought, but just need to arrive. Which they did :slight_smile: they are stored usually under the wood bench

Don’t recall you telling me and Brian said he was not sure so if they are there now then all good, I literally said to Brian on Thursday sitting at main table that if they had not been ordered then tell me what the part number was and I was going to order them so if I’d been told they had been ordered I would not have even made that comment?

It’s a million times easier to collect dust at source than clean up afterwards. Doesn’t the SLMC router not have a dust collection attachment that plugs into the tool?

I have my own router, at home (not inducted for router at the MS) and it does a pretty good job of collecting most of the dust.

Otherwise the stuff gets airborne and will make a mess everywhere. The router itself creates a lot of wind and blows the dust all over the place.