Drum Sander

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In light of that we are acquiring kit for the new arch or at least appear to be (new spindle moulder)

The one thing I feel we are missing is a drum sander this is extremely useful for small and medium sized woodwork projects and I have no doubt will get well used


Agree on the drum sander but if we are going to go for one I think there should be a discussion on the options, the one you have indicated has a restricted width and there is nothing worse than having a tool that will do the job but being too small to be any good.

I would look at open ended ones which give the option to do double the width if necessary

It is £800 dearer but I would suggest a lot more useful


Well I was planting a seed

And you are right about the size the bigger the better the question you pose is where is that boundary

As you may guess I would personally buy the largest that space and budget would permit