DriveNow car hire - now in Herne Hill!

…or at least enough of Herne Hill to cover Makerspace in it’s catchment area. Several new boroughs have signed up to the scheme, which has pay-by-minute car hire on various Minis, BMW 1-series and BMW i3.
It’s best used for short journeys, one-way usually as you can end your rental anywhere in the catchment area but the car is then free for other users to rent. (Unless you pay a reduced rate to lock it to your account while parked)
If I’ve come down on the train, the scheme now covers the southern end of Blackfriars station which looks promising for me.
Not sponsored, just thought I’d let you know about it!

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For balance Zip Car has Zip Car Flex which is the same thing but the main issue is the areas this is allowed to be parked in are limited and there aren’t many cars.

But it was a fun way to get to drive my first electric car, and I must say I instantly fell in love with it, quiet, zippy, easy to drive (no gears).

Thanks for this, I use Zip car, however the Flex zone excludes my flat and I have to walk 5 mins down the road to park it when I use it. However, DriveNow is on my road! I will be trying them.

And Tom, I also enjoyed my first electric zip car! Sadly there are not enough of them!