Dremel Bits Tidy and Thread Stand

(Jonty Bottomley) #1

Couple of last weeks projects I thought would be worth sharing. Apologies for the poor photos and lack on on the go documentation…
I’m slowly starting to make more of an effort…

I use a range of dremel bits fairly regularly for my jewellery, so I like to have these on hand and easily accessible so set about making a lil stand / box for them.
Nothing particulary complex or much to document really, hand cut the pieces to size, drilled a bunch of holes in one then glued to another identical piece such that the bits stand nicely, butted the pieces together, glued and clamped, then sanded to 400 grit, and finished with some clear briwax and filled it up.

Also do a load of sewing, so built another tidy for the threads and bobbin reels.
Glued two pieced of wood together to get a good width, buzzed the edges with a roman ogre router bit to get a decorative edge then marked and drilled the holes for the dowels on which the threads sit. Cut a load of dowels to length, stuck them in the end of a drill, fired it up and with a file, cut a load of lines to make them pretty, and glued them into the base.
Walnut wax finish on the base, clear on the hardwood dowel. Satisfying to look at, especially with no threads on hooking down lengthways, and functional to boot.

(Jonty Bottomley) #2

@textilestechs the thread stand is yours if you can fill it up!

I’ll bring it down and leave it in one of the draws.

(Zachary De Santos) #3

Perfect, thanks Jonty. Beautifully crafted

(Sabrina Tabuchi) #4

Fantastic! Thanks!