Donations to the space

(unknowndomain) #41

I am doing some house viewings, are you able to pop by my place as it’s not far from the space?

(Rich Maynard) #42

Yep, no problem. Better PM me your new address.

(Rich Maynard) #43

SWMBO has said that I already have too many unfinished projects on the go so I’m going to pass on this. @Calum_Nicoll is next in line I believe.

Sorry to muck you around, Tom.

(Dean Forbes) #44

@RichM "too many unfinished projects on the go so " never been there myself or deja vu

10 points for recognizing it :slight_smile:

(Paul Court) #45

Isn’t that called a “Pipeline” in sales talk ?


(unknowndomain) #46

You still fancy this ?

(Calum Nicoll) #47

Yes would love it please! Are you able to drop at space or should I collect it from yours? Thanks

(unknowndomain) #48

If you want it today it would have to be from mine.

(Calum Nicoll) #49

Ah don’t think I can make it tonight but can easily collect from space any other day if you are able to drop it in - (or from your house but might be at very late/early hours ). Thanks

(Chanelle) #50

I’m trying to experiment with this. Am I right it didn’t come with a cutting mat?

Can I use this? I’ll also buy some blades.


(Dermot Jones) #51

I’ve been using this – nice to use, I’ll write up what I’ve found with links to software

@unknowndomain were there any accessories with it? Such as a mat or a pen holder?

Also: can individual blades be bought, or is it only a blade unit, as seen here? The manual doesn’t give much away…

(unknowndomain) #52

Yeah I didn’t have the cutting matt, it was only ever used as a vinyl cutter so it has a knife in the tool holder, but it should take any of the Silhoutte accessories.

(Dermot Jones) #53

That’s very useful to know, as there’s loads of accessories advertised for the Silhouette

(unknowndomain) #54

Yeah FYI, just Sillhouette Cameo…

Also @electrotechs, we’ve got a metric ton of different power adapters at work we are considering throwing out, they’re different voltages and types, would this be interesting.

At work we’ve standardised around specific ones that are all the same but different voltages, so we don’t have a need for these old salvaged adapters, there’s a good bucket of them we can either give them to the space or to members, or just put them in electrical recycling, what would work for folks?

(Petra) #55

If theres any 12V I am interested, cheers

(Gilbert Townshend) #56

Any 16 volt ones? I remember dimly throwing a load in a box during the snug clean out but never actually going through to test them.

(Paul Court) #57

Wall warts and PSU’s are always useful (as long as there’s not literally a metric ton of them !! :slight_smile: )


(unknowndomain) #58

It’s probably 1x Tesco bag for life full.

(Dermot Jones) #59

Been experimenting with the Craft Robin, and will make a page for it soon

The exciting one is cutting 30mm self adhesive copper tape to do lettering, with of course the possibility of creating PCBs… it’s actually slug deterrent tape as sold by garden centres, but cuts perfectly, and works with application tape exactly like vinyl. @Calum_Nicoll has done a bit of a Google on this

Plus…some pens arrived, so had a play with them. Obviously here there’s not much you can’t do with a printer, until you realise you can also cut the drawings/letters out after you’ve cut them…plus metallic + glitter pens are on order…and @Edd is wondering what you could do with UV ink…

(unknowndomain) #60

I am glad it is of use, seems like it will be more practical than the other vinyl cutter.