Donations to the space

(Andrew Tidman) #21

pleased to hear it will be keept for the comunity

(Beth Slater) #22

Are duracell rechargeable batteries still available?

(unknowndomain) #23


(Dean Forbes) #24

Can I nab

Red Makerspace 2XL t-shirt (unworn)

I will donate 10 quid to the space

(unknowndomain) #25


(unknowndomain) #26

@deanforbes Your shirt is on the main table.

@laurent_muchacho Your rods are above the 3d printer.

@afshind the castors are by the screws in the wood shop, I forgot the magic mouse, next time!

@Calum_Nicoll there is a 3 way extension in metal work, and the power adapters, extension leads to follow in a bit.

@beth the batteries are above the 3d printer

(unknowndomain) #27

@directors I’ve dropped of the vinyl cutter with hopes someone will take interest and make use of it, otherwise I can collect it again, it’s a much more user friendly device than the other one we have.

(unknowndomain) #28


There is another free thing available…

(Rich Maynard) #29

I’d like that, please

(Calum Nicoll) #30

Would also love this if you end up not taking it!

(unknowndomain) #31

Rich when are you next at the space?

(Rich Maynard) #32

Could probably come Monday evening

(Chanelle) #33

Is the vinyl cutter for the space?

(Pete Hellyer) #34

I think it would be great to have it here, if possible, as much easier to control than the Roland clone.

(unknowndomain) #35


(Chanelle) #36

ok very confusing.

(unknowndomain) #37

@electrotechs I’ve left the solder station on the middle table, I did bring an SMD air station but there appears to be two already.

Also to clarify the Vinyl cutter is free for the space it works with Silhouette Studio (Craft Robo is an old brand of Silhouette cutter) If we don’t want it I will offer it to Open Workshop Network.

(electrotech) #38

I think during occasional events a third is useful. But yeah electronics area is a complete shit hole already.

I can take mine home if you donate yours.

(unknowndomain) #39

Okay, I’ll drop it off, everything thus far is donation, that might be permenant loan, in case I need it for an install.

(Rich Maynard) #40

Shall I pop over tomorrow evening? Will you be in?