Don’t be mean, keep it clean!

@lasers, this is not how one should expect to find any piece of equipment in the space! Please help the @lasertechs and others and keep the machine clean. I don’t know about you but I love the trotec machine and it would be so sad to see it die… :frowning:


That’s another lens gone… :frowning:

Oh yikes. :weary:

I hate to revive a tired old conversation, but are there any plans to reinstate that key-fob lock doohickey? It worked fine for me and I never heard why we stopped using it (someone please enlighten me.) If people couldn’t use the laser cutter anonymously any more, I bet abuse would become a lot less common. There’s decades of research on the antisocial effects– conscious and subconscious –of anonymity.

Perhaps when someone discovers the machine a mess like this, it could be reported to laser techs or a disciplinary officer or something, who would have access to the usage logs to identify the previous user. The officer could privately send them an official warning. Maybe a three strike system? Repeatedly abuse laser privileges and you lose them. At least temporarily? Something– anything –tangible.

I assume these ideas have all been proposed before. Either way, I’d bet money that the person who did this doesn’t visit this Discourse, and certainly doesn’t read the regular friendly reminders. I’d also wager they’re going to do it again. Perhaps we need something more than another reminder as a consequence.

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What, thats ridiculously dirty

Hi all, :smiley: I checked the laser cutter on Wensday afternoon and it was almost perfect, im sorry to hear that this has happened, :frowning_face: , Brian D=

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Yes, key fob and logging will be reinstated soon.



Hi @Jonathan - my apologies - some of that laser waste looks like mine. After switching to some engraving I totally forgot that I’d cut previously and must have left the offcuts in the bottom.

I’m not sure on the lens as checked it periodically but I’m happy to contribute to a replacement.

Once again my apologies for the hassle and I’ll ensure this doesnt happen again.