Does anyone have a (preferably digital) Force Gauge?


I’m in need of a Force Gauge with both push and pull capabilities. Do we have one in the space? Or does anyone have one I could borrow? Happy to provide beer/cookies/yourchoiceofsnack for a couple of weeks of use.


If we dont have it, can we get it for makerspace? @directors

There used to be a 5kg (I think) strain/force guage and amplifier circuit that I donated but that was a long time ago and would be in a component draw if it hasn’t been used. Good luck.

its a rather specialised bit of kit

You have two choices

you can build a diy one for a very very cheap using a load cell and arduino

or get a proper one that will be accurate over a small range that you specified and be calibrated (all rather specialized and unlikely to be used again by anyone else)

any thing in between is a waste of time IMHO

There’s a set of scales hanging up on the workshop wall

Depends what you want to measure, I guess!

I have a 5kg load cell with a couple of bits of metal bolted onto it that will measure compressive loads - we used it at my school to break concrete bridge models.

It was very cheap off eBay, and uses and Arduino - like @deanforbes says!

This the kind of thing you mean? Not digital, picked it up for a project ages ago not used it since, can leave it in the space for you

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Yes! Does it have a pull hook? Or is it just a push measure?


Push and pull, at opposite ends, there’s tiny labels if you zoom in. I’ll drop it off this week

Amazing! Thank you.


No worries, it’s in the snug on the shelves in the opposite wall to the left as you walk in, in a white box