Do we happen to have a tile cutter in the space?

I need to cut a single white tile to fix a defect in the bathroom. There is a hole in the wall behind the sink filled with - yup you guessed it, silicone and toilet roll.

There was one in the Snug, it was marked for collection by @joeatkin2

Yes i thought I remember seeing one when clearing the snug. I wonder if its still there

I’ve got one otherwise. Hasn’t been used for years though

I have on of those mini table saw tile cutters and a set of tile nibbler pliers -you’re welcome to borrow them if you want :slight_smile:

Thanks @RobertL and @Chris_R for the offer. We found Joe’s machine in the space yesterday and i was able to cut my tile.

Does anyone know of this tile cutter is still in the space?