DNS AName Record Question

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I think this question may be a little off topic but I’m hoping to leverage some group smarts.

I have a domain name (peopleinside.co.uk) which I use for my business.

I host the website on heroku and that’s fine. I have set up a CName for ‘www.peopleinside.co.uk’. However, heroku won’t give me an IP Address and my DNS hosting provider will only allow me to use an ip address for an AName record (which I want to use for ‘peopleinside.co.uk’).

I’m a bit clueless about DNS so I’m hoping I’ve missed something blindingly obvious or there is some fiendish way around this problem.

Any comments and suggestions are welcome!


May be I misunderstood, but this looks normal to me.
DNS records: CName = name to name, AName = name to ip (only)
What you probably need is 301 permanent redirect on ports 80/443 from domain.co.uk to www.domain.co.uk
Or make domain.co.uk and www.domain.co.uk same ip (using aname and cname) and use subdomains like mail.domain.co.uk for business

I should probably add that www is a subdomain which means you cannot link an ip to it without your own dns resolver

I’m unfamiliar with Heroku.

Have you followed their documentation though?


Pointing www.peopleinside.co.uk at people inside.co.uk can be done with a CNAME or an additional A record.


Note that both those options would make www and non-www appear in clients address bars, if you want consistency (you probably should, but it’s usually fairly minor) you should also setup a redirect. You can usually set it up fairly easily in whatever server (apache/nginx) you’re using.

Why are you trying to set up an A record for peopleinside.co.uk ?
If you want the main domain to point to the same website as the www subdomain, why can’t you use a CNAME record ?

A record = ipv4 address record
AAAA record= ipv6 address record
CName = record that you point to another record

Why just use a CName not an A

But is this what you want or do you want your apex record to redirect to your www

Hi @Glennbo,

The IP address of the site is obfuscated by the provider, there are also a few issues with the setup.


Happy to help you out, but this setup looks to be beyond the classical setup and likely uses an intermediary like Akamai or similar.

Feel free to dm me and I can walk you through it if you’ve not figured it out already.

Duncan @chris_slms @PReardon

I host with UK2.net and they won’t allow me to use a CName record to point to the base domain name. This seems to be a recent change. Maybe the answer is to change domain name hosts.

@MissedaMaker thanks for the link to that tool.

@MissedaMaker and @duncank I’m going to read both your emails again tomorrow when I’m a liitke fresher. :blush:

Thanks all for the replies so far.

A few places don’t let you use CNames for your Apex (root) record

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I just wanted to say a huge thank-you to everyone in this thread. I ended up learning more that I thought was possible about DNS including DMARC and I now have my email set up properly.

Thanks for the mxtool @MissedaMaker

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Btw, I ended up moving to a new DNS hosting service in the end.