Discourse really annoying

Just a minor thing but It may not have an easy solution, every time I click on new topics at the top of discourse, I get the new topics but included in these are every space booking made! Is there anyway we can keep these in one place so “new” and “latest” show just new and latest rather than having to wade through a list of bookings to find anything interesting?

Getting déjà vu!

Space Bookings is already suppressed from Latest

I don’t think there’s a way to hide categories from New Topics I’m afraid.

Although I’m not even sure where the navigation for New Topics is. Not a view I look at much!


I guess this is already answered, but if you look at ‘Latest’ and you will see all the stuff except Space Bookings:


I found a way to go nuclear…

If you don’t want space bookings to appear in the “Suggested topics” at the bottom of posts, or in the “New” screen…

image image

  1. Head over to"Space Bookings" calendar
  2. Hit the notification box (top right):
  3. Select “Muted”



Great tip!