Developers to get involved?

Imagine a world where a user could record the things they’re proud of that day. From adding as much or as little detail as they like, they can tag the entry with what area of their life it sits in – work to health, family and more – they can record what it involved; being creative, trying something new, giving or receiving.

The app is to support mental health, satisfaction and achievement by helping people see and acknowledge themselves for everything they’re already doing. It is to see the power they already are through quantifying & gamifying how they record and see what they’re up to.

I’m looking for more coders to contribute to the development and to create a tag team of coding at their convenience. This is not paid so it’s very important to me that anyone contributing gets benefits for themselves – from practice, co-working or portfolio content.

The MVP is built in Flutter and I’ve now got a UX designer & sprint planner/dev tester on the team to bring structure to everything. Please do get in touch with any questions or to discuss more :slight_smile:


go, away.

actually i’m going to bother to elaborate on why i find your post offensive. there are people that pop up from time to time that try and leverage the knowledge contained within maker and hacker spaces for their own gain. usually with a view to setup a business or offload the entire payload of their work on to us. I’ve fallen victim to it but also seen it happen a lot over the years.

posting your request for free work on a generally kind and forgiving community in my opinion is quite selfish, when considering it’s your first post here and you haven’t even bothered to get to know anyone or become a part of the community you’re trying to tap as a resource.

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Lol quite the thread already!

On a much softer note than @electronoob , I gotta say, mixed feelings on this one @Julie. On one hand if a junior Dev is starting out coding it’s nice to have a safe environment to build a portfolio so projects like this are great however there is both the expectation of payment (even if it’s peanuts) as well as A LOT of guidance from a VERY experienced senior engineer. @Julie if this isn’t what they’re in for and even worse, if you plan on making this app commercially then you looking for “free coders” comes off as quite exploitative.

Makerspaces really only thrive when EVERY member aims to give as much as they take (heck I’d say we should try to give MORE than we take so the less experienced among us have extra resources on their ramp up to competence! :slight_smile: ). You seem to be coming with the mindset of getting “free coders”, without actually wanting to contribute or participate in the community (having someone work on your app for ‘exposure’ is not providing anything).

You may very well have good intentions however, a request like this raises a few eyebrows…

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Hi @electronoob, thank you for your response. I’m sorry that you found my post offensive and that you’ve been victim to a scam such as that in the past.

I really appreciate the feedback from you & @zeenotheinventor. I can very much see that coming in cold to a sharing community without having been present or offering anything from myself doesn’t work at all. I am working on this project as part of a course from Landmark Worldwide - Team, Management & Leadership programme. This course is very much rooted in communication which is not something I’ve been practicing here in the slightest. It can also be quite confronting in supporting new behaviours - for this one it has confronted me because I hardly ask anyone for anything. I did ask here, hooray, but not very helpfully for anyone. I will take this on for sure.

Thanks again both for your feedback. This is a project that I hope could be really exciting. It is also something I might look for funding on in the future. If this was the case it is something I would of course cover retrospective time & commitment for but I also appreciate that this is very pie in the sky & not committed or a guarantee or money, which it isn’t.
I also appreciate that I know that I would ensure costs were covered but that you don’t know me from Adam or that you could trust my word.

Apologies again for the misunderstanding and toe stepping of the community!
Best, Julie

Transalte: "we give you nothing, aren’t you happy just to help? you can live of love. "

If this project it’s not open source then you are exploiting people.

If your association it’s not without profit then you are exploiting people.

If any of the members need projects to start their carrer please pick an opesource project, if you need advice from professionals feel free to reach me via DM or at the elctronics night or open a post on discorse.

This community it’s a family for me and others, we don’t let the wolfs in.

Hi Julie,:smiley: when things get back to normal hopefully by next year, and we have open evenings again ( Wensday evenings ) why not pop in and see what really goes on and maybe join in and learn/have fun and become part of the community/family (membership is only £26.00 A month :open_mouth: ) cheaper than a night out and we even have a really nice kitchen (with a dishwasher to boot ) and nice coffee. Keep well Brian D=

Thanks Brian, that’s kind :slight_smile: and I would very much like to join in with what’s going on. Although my making is usually ceramics or painting so will need to keep a weather eye on the mess!

you seem orders of magnitude more awesome than your first post alluded to. i’m glad you took the time to reply and the way you took the criticism onboard is admirable.

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Thanks, that’s nice to hear - we never know til we know!

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