Delete discourse account

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I’m no longer a member of SLMS, and would like to delte my discourse account. I can’t seem to do this myself - could an admin do this for me?

Many thanks in advance

Hi Laurie,

It’s not possible to delete accounts on Discourse once they have a couple of posts: I believe this is due to the interwoven nature of the forum – you could unravel a lot of threads by removing someone

However: we can deactivate your account – let me know if you’re happy for me to do that

That would be helpful - thanks Dermot.

Hi, just looked into it a little more, and there are two options:

    1. deactivate your account – this will leave your posts in the archive and allow you to rejoin later if you choose
    1. the nuclear option: ‘anonymize’ your account – the system will work through and replace your name with an anonymous name

P.S. our Discourse forum is of course open to all, and not just members, and you are very welcome to stay

Thanks for looking into it Dermot - if you could anonymize me that would be great

No problem,

As this is a non-reversible action, and to avoid all doubt, could you email us requesting this from the @ymail account you used to set up Discourse membership? That gives us ID confirmation

our email is