Custom PCBs

What’s the lead time on custom PCBs from various sources?

I want to make my first PCB, which will be a shield for the Wemos D1 mini - only about 25mm square. I guess I’ll need 15 or so.

Are UK based suppliers reasonably priced? Are they still working?

Does it take ages to order from China?

Any recommendations for particular companies?

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@Robin_B might know?

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I always order my PCBs from JLCPCB, and I’m very happy with them. They’re extremely cheap for small quantities ($2 for 5 small PCBs). Turn-around time is only around a week, perhaps 2 weeks now with the virus. However, shipping costs can be a fair chunk of the cost if you opt for fast delivery. Ordering from the website is super easy, just upload your Gerber + drill files in a zip.

It’s also very easy to combine orders with others to save on shipping. Unfortunately I don’t need any PCBs right now. Perhaps @Calum_Nicoll or @Gawain need some PCBs made?

Happy to help if you have more questions!

The wemos d1 mini is a great chip btw, I’ve been using it a lot as well (and now their D32).

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I’ve used loads of different companies over the years and to be honest JLCPCB is both the nicest quality for price, cheapest, fastest and widest range of options.

1 Like will let you compare a bunch of factories for price and delivery times.

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Thanks everyone! I knew you’d know…