"cross current free operation"

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Hey everyone. I finally have sometime to again have a look at my peltier fridge project.

On a friend’s advice, I’ve decided to actually for PWM using an H-Bridge and this fella looks good but has a spec I don’t understand… Can anyone clarify what “cross current free operation” means?

when the hbridge is changing from pushing to pulling, or pulling to pushing, there’s a period inbetween where an inferior circuit would likely apply both pushing and pulling simultaneously during the transition between states - ableit momentarily.

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Yes, that’s the same problems digital ampliers have

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OK, for that spec that stats 17 A max cross-current free operation, the H-bridge circuit would start applying both in that transition?

If so, I guess that’s good as my application is to only go one way and rarely, rarely switch polarity.

honestly, you should be fine, temperature it’s a slow process anyway.