Crimping Tool

Does anyone know if there is a crimping tool for the space- I am currently sleaving my own cable extensions for an atx power supply and need to crimp some Molex junior terminals.

If there is not a tool available I will get my own and put it on loan to the space- does anyone have any recommendations for a particular brand/model

We’ve got one for RJ-45 network cables but not seen one of those at the space.
You could try soldering them if your careful


There are some in the space but not a mole one

If you did want to buy one, the ones Rapid sell are pretty decent. And about £180 less than the official Molex ones (!)

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Yeah my plan was probably to get either those or the MDPC ones if I do another order from them

Having used that exact tool a bunch, I would suggest you just use some pliers.

If you are referring to the small molex commonly used for floppy disk drives I can show you how to do it with pliers and bring that crimp tool along if you’d like.

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I was going to suggest pliers, unless you’re doing a lot of them.

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I think I have about 150 crimps to do by my calculations for the whole lot
of cables, with be down to do them later this week when my mini fit jr
terminal arrive

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That is a lot but I would say it’s easier with pliers than the crimp tool as they don’t work well

After my experience with Tekton one three I vowed to buy the crimp tool, as pliers were a) fucking time-consuming and b) didn’t give a reliable connection across connectors with lots of pins.

Was thinking of these. Most of the pc cable modding professionals rate them
very well

I can’t speak for those crimpers, however the issue isn’t really using pliers or not, but that crimping these tiny delicate connectors is fiddly and they are delicate and break easily.

Thinking of alternatives…could you get someone else to do them for you?