Crew Dragon Demo 2 - hanging out on ISS

in other news (some light relief from the pandemic)…

With just a few days to go until America’s first crewed launch, from American soil, since 2011!!

[This] Wednesday May 27th 2020 should be very exciting for all space geeks out there. 2 pilots getting onboard the “Crew Dragon Demo 2” to take an orbital space flight in SpaceXs awesome space capsule, atop an equally awesome Falcon 9 rocket.

Not sure how i would feel about strapping myself to something with the word “Demo” in it! :grimacing:

It’s one of those giant leap moments on the path to an ever more realistic Mission to Mars in Starship and the recently announced possible mission to the Moon [their down to the final 3 applicants for the tendor on that one!].

Nice intro / summary of what’s happening on Wednesday from Marcus House:


…more indepth vid…

…Enter the Dragon!

inside Crew Dragon with The Everyday Astronaut…

Timeline of all the events on Wednesday, including Take Off, flight and the docking with Space Station [Courtesy of the Everyday Astronaut]:

Take Off planned for 8:33pm tomorrow!

Say cheese!

…60% chance of good weather…

Apparently you might be able to see something in the sky tonight…don’t have any further info at mo…

quick pre flight chat with Elon and Jim:

Everyday Astronaut is running Live coverage now [other streams are available]:

It’s raining! might be called off…should know if go or no if about 45 mins…

“Go” to proceed T-44minutes!

Launch aborted! plop

Look like they are going to try again Saturday.

Have to watch those times, some are GMT !



Tonight at 7:22GMT!

Fingers crossed.

Everyday Astronaut Live Stream (Musk Lovers only):

SpaceX Live Stream:

NASA Live Stream:

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Play a cool docking with the ISS simulator:

Crew Dragon II is on its way to dock with the ISS - sheduled for 14:30GMT this afternoon…

A brief hello from Doug and Bob…

They’re a little ahead of schedule and docking might be early, possibly around 15:14

Post launch Press conference:

Bob and doug chillin with the guys on ISS:

They should be there for a few weeks and then return at a yet undecided point…