Courty on Radio 5 Live this afternoon - 3:30 till 4pm

(Dermot Jones) #1

@Courty will be representing us on a panel discussion about ‘men who make things’.

Tune in!

And…yes, I told them that plenty of women make things at the Makerspace too…

(unknowndomain) #2

I was about to cringe.

(Dale Connolly) #3

How much for a name-drop? :smirk:

(Paul Court) #4

Just finished and the program did go out Live…

Our segment is from 2:40:00 onwards…

(Dale Connolly) #5


Well played @Courty, great plug for SLMS. Fully expect whoever is on open evening duty next week to have an ‘interesting’ one…

(unknowndomain) #6

Actually when we’ve done stuff like this before it’s often a slow burn of members who come weeks later. They often hear about it and plan to come in future.

(Dermot Jones) #7


And on that note: we need hosts for next Wednesday and upcoming open evenings…

(Dale Connolly) #8

Can I just clarify that I wasn’t being sarcastic?!

I know sarcasm is my default mode, but I truly thought that was a great little segment on air.

Just re-read my comment and didn’t want to be misconstrued!

(Dermot Jones) #9

Didn’t take it as sarcasm at all… however the 'interesting one’s comment is intriguing. Will listen to it this evening

(Dale Connolly) #10

Meant it could be interesting if they have the world and his wife turn up! The segment was really good and could lead to a lot of people taking up ‘making’.